Painting Update 2: Shakespeare in the Park

July 24, 2010

I’m not as far along on this as I had planned to be by now. Must stop dawdling.

Again, some of this will likely change after I get the rest covered. I can see certain areas already that aren’t as dark as I think they should be, but I’ll hold off on adjustments. That’s what has been delaying me so much. Patience…


  1. Hi David;

    It’s interesting the way you are painting from side to side to begin the work. I was taught to work from dark to light over the whole of the work – is it because you have so many years of experience that you can approach it in this way?


  2. I wouldn’t write it up to experience exactly, but it is an old habit. When you know where you’re going there are usually any number of ways of getting there.

    If you look carefully I hope you’ll see that I’m somewhat starting in the middle with the undertone value, and then by section. Working dark to light is a reasonable approach. Paint strokes typically overlap so your lighter values will appear stacked on top. However, you don’t always want your dark strokes on the bottom. That’s why I think working from the middle gives more flexibility.

    I move across by section since a color is influenced by its neighbors as much as it’s own properties.

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