Digital Picture Frame For Reference Photos

July 15, 2010

I bought this gadget at the office supply store today. It’s a digital picture frame display device made by Ativa.

The plan I have for using it is to replace the paper prints around my work area I used as reference images for painting. I once used an old laptop computer for that years ago, but it died. Prints are okay and cheap but sacrifice color accuracy.

What convinced me to get this was being able to save money on print cartridges from now on. I picked this up for @ $50 with some store coupons tossed in. The LCD screen is only 5×6.5″ (8″ diagonally) at 800×600 resolution, but that’s big enough to see clearly without taking up much space. Color is what’s important here and that shows up very well. It also has a zoom feature for large pictures and can pan across them. It can read the memory sticks I use with my camera and has a USB connection for the computer. This should work out fine.


  1. What a good idea David. Cheap and the clutter, crapola (that’s an actual word isn’t it?)around the studio is atrocious. And the fact that it is good colour kind of cements it doesn’t it.

  2. Well, after using this for several days I can say I’m quite happy with it. A couple things to mention: LCD screens must be viewed head-on, so placement of this device is important with where you sit or stand while working, but it’s small enough to hold if necessary. You don’t want to splash the screen with anything (paint, water, or solvent) so I cut a piece of clear plexiglass and taped it to the frame.

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