Exhibition News

April 26, 2010

You may have noticed the recent posts of me building frames, and possibly wondered what all the activity was about. In truth, I’ve been offered an opportunity to have a one-person show at a local art gallery.

I was a little reluctant to mention it since it’s only been email exchanges up to this point, but I’ve worked with this organization on other events and know them to be reliable. Still, I want to wait until I “sign on the dotted line” before I mention the all the where and when.

In preparation, I currently have a dozen or so paintings framed, and have a few more frames still to build. The woman in charge of the space has an appointment to visit with me next week to look them over. Keep watching this spot for more information.



  1. Well, way to excitingly go! Will you be posting your pictures on your blog or website?

    • Thanks, Nancy. When there is anything more to post about this it will be here on the blog.

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