Framing Tip

April 22, 2010

I may have mentioned this tip already, but I’ve been making new frames lately so thought I’d post this note.

These hangers are designed to be hammered into the back of a frame and the sawtooth grooves are for catching on a nail. There’s another style that uses screws, but these have points on the ends that act as nails and can be used as is. I prefer the old wire treatment myself for hanging pictures, but these are handy to use inside the frame to press the work forward and hold it in place. There are specialty staple guns that you can buy that will do the same job, but I find these easier to move around, and those staples don’t always work well. These cost more than staples but can be reused.

Essentially I just press them against the back of the artwork (stretched frame or mat board) inside the frame and press it in slightly with my thumbs. I then take a scrap piece of matboard to protect the outside of the frame as I squeeze the hanger further in with a pair of channel-lock pliers. They only need to go into the wood @ 1/8″ or so. Typically I don’t need more than 4 to 6 of these per frame.

I bought these at a local hobby store that also sells framing supplies (Hobby Lobby,) but if you Google “nailess sawtooth picture hangers” you may find other places in your area that carry them.


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