Jeffrey Catherine Jones Documentary Project

March 27, 2010

This documentary film is in progress about the life and art of the great Jeffrey Catherine Jones. Her work has inspired me for decades, and the prospect of seeing this film is very exciting!

MaCab Films
Jeffrey Jones’ website



  1. Checked out both the video and the artist’s website. She is fabulous, and what a difficult life to be handed.

  2. Hmmm, this is interesting. I had logged off my own blog earlier today and all my data is placed here without any prompting which makes me somewhat nervous about those cookies out there – in here?

    I just wanted to say that I love her work. She is phenomenal presence that is exemplified in her works of art. She writes well, and takes excellent photographs too.

    This is a great thing you are doing here with the documentary and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Me and thousands of others.


    • Just so you know, I’m not connected with the people making the film. Check out the MaCab Films link above. Sorry about your cookies.

  3. I’ve just learned today that Catherine passed away today, May 19th. I am so terribly sad to hear this. Such a magnificent artist.

  4. what is the name of the song in the beginning and who wrote it

    • On the Macab films page there’s a quote: “Thanks to Alabama 3 for their music.” I would guess the filmmakers could give you more info.

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