Walter Foster “How To” Art Books

February 11, 2010

When I was growing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas I was starved for an art education, reading every library book I could find and buying what I could afford. Among the first I collected was a series of books published by Walter T. Foster. These were tall tabloid sized paperbacks that cost only $1 back then. They were only around 30 pages so the amount of information covered was limited, but the books covered a wide range of material, from figure drawing and landscapes to animation and lettering. Over 100 books altogether of which only a few of mine still survive. Their book on casein was the first time I had ever heard of it, and it became a favorite medium of mine.

The Foster Publishing company is still in operation. I don’t have any of their latest books so I don’t know for certain if the content is exactly the same, and they’ve added new titles as well; although, the price has gone up some, as with most things. You can still find copies of these older books on eBay as well. To a young kid desperate to learn all he could about art, I am grateful for how they got me started.



  1. it just goes to show you dont need a top education to learn

    • We’re all self-taught, even if we go to a school. The teacher can’t put it into our heads for us.

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