Ink Drawing: Wedding Reception v2

December 6, 2009

Yes, I’ve been doing several reworkings of previous artwork lately. It happens when pieces hang around the studio too long, and I think of was to improve or remake them differently. In this case, it’s an ink drawing I had made last year. That version wasn’t bad, but a bit more heavy handed with the ink lines than I felt the subject matter deserved, so I’m making a new version with a thinner more delicate line. This is actually the third version, since the original was a painting.

Halfway there

Here the image is shown about halfway finished. I’m making it the same size as the other drawing, so I can use that as a placement guide. All of the drawing is in ink with no pencil layout. In yesterday’s post I showed a closeup of the woman’s dress where I used a refilled marker to rough in the darker shapes (“spot the blacks”,) and add some light shading. The  lines are being drawn with a Nikko G dip pen. The surface is Multimedia Artboard paper, which takes ink very well. One special benefit is it allows some minor scraping with a razor blade to make corrections without damaging it or roughing up the surface. The overall size is about 16 inches square. The head of the woman with the glasses is about 2 inches, to give you an idea.


You can see in the closeup here where I’ve adding some rough shading in the dress, purse, and umbrella. This was done with a trusted old cotton swab. I dip it in ink, dab off the excess, and test the value on a scrap piece of paper.

Cotton swab for ink shading


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