Using a Pencil Like a Pen

August 7, 2009

This is a sketch I made last night while waiting for my dinner to arrive. It was done in pencil on 8×10 inch scratch paper.


What I wanted to use this for is an example of how you can draw in pencil as though you’re using a pen. For anyone who may feel that an ink line is intimidating since it cannot be erased, you can practice attacking the page directly with ink by using a pencil in the same way, just don’t erase your lines.

None of the lines in this drawing were erased. Now, certainly, some marks are more lightly drawn than others, but a thin fine point marker or crow-quill nib can duplicate that to some effect in the same way, or you can use diluted or grey toned ink to start with.

While there’s nothing particularly bad about lightly drawing in pencil, finishing in ink, and erasing the pencil afterwards, what often results from that are lines that look too mechanical, and the erased pencil drawing was probably better. Drawings made directly in ink on the page look more confident, and demonstrate that you know what you’re doing.

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