PITT Marker Sketch

August 3, 2009
Ink marker sketch
Ink marker sketch

I picked up a new set of markers today and whipped up this sketch soon thereafter, made on 100% rag 32# white paper, @ 8×10 inches. Sketching with makers is fun, especially if you dive right in without starting in pencil first. You can’t be timid that way.

The Faber Castell markers I’ve mentioned before a couple times here. They use an India ink mixture and work very nicely for sketching. This particular drawing was all made with the “Big Brush” size of PITT markers which have a rounded 5mm long tip. They come in various colors including shades of grey. This set is a range of three “cold greys” with one black. 

Two things I’d like to see Faber Castell do with these is add a flat chisel tip, perhaps to the other end, and if they had a value that was just one shade lighter then they’d be perfect. Compared to layout markers, such as Prismacolor, this lightest shade is about a 30% value, and their “cold greys” are more neutral than the Prismacolor “cool grey.” Also, all the layout markers I’ve seen use dye-based inks.

Possible workarounds to get a lighter shade would be (1) mix up an ink wash at the lighter shade and avoid painting the highlight areas, or (2) use a light value toned paper instead of white and paint in the highlights with opaque white paint, such as gouache.



  1. you’ve got real talent

    • Thank you. I work at it.

  2. I like this one a lot; you did a great job with the lighting and got a nice range of values out of those markers! I need to do a lot more sketching-this makes me want to break out my own markers.

  3. Thank you, Leslie. If it motivates you in any way then I’m more than pleased.

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