Painting “Closing The Deal” Update 1

June 28, 2009

Here’s an update for the new painting I’ve started, “Closing The Deal.” The surface is Ampersand’s Aquabord (16 x 20 inches) and will be finished in casein.

Transfered drawing

Transfered drawing

In this image above I’m showing the rough transfer of the drawn layout. This was done with my homemade transfer paper system using a light gray pastel powder and turpentine. For the lines of the window blinds I used an orange watercolor pencil. To keep those pencil lines from blending into the casein paint I’ll be adding later, I painted over them with a thin layer of acrylic medium.

Gray undertones

Gray undertones

This time, instead of my usual undertone of complementary colors, I just simplified the process a bit by using shades of gray. This was made with black India ink thinned with water and a little acrylic medium to set the ink wash. Now I’m ready to begin painting.


One comment

  1. Cool drawing. I like the way you caught the social element of the subject

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