Beginning Stage of New Painting

May 5, 2009

The new painting is getting underway. Here you can see the line drawing on hardboard and preliminary washes of tone being laid down. The lines were drawn with an pigmented ink marker and the washes are caseins thinned with turpentine and oil. The neutral colors are complements of the colors I plan for the final result. The values are also kept simple and within a close middle range (from 0=white to 10=black, they’re about 4-8.) The tentative title I’m giving this now is “She Will Not Be Going.”

Line Drawing and Wash

Line Drawing and Wash

You can also see how I reworked the composition somewhat. The male figure on the right was modeled by yours truly. I later added a couple of slanting books to the lower shelf to give an extra brake. Otherwise the eye would follow her leg right out the door.

Undertone Colors

Undertone Colors

I was originally planning on this being finished in oils, but since I have some fresh caseins made I think I’ll just try and use them up. The size is 16 x 20 inches.


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