Painting Commission Cancelled

January 28, 2009

Bad news arrived today. A client has decided to cancel a painting I was making for them. Here is a photo of what I have done so far, a casein painting on watercolor paper, about 24 x 18 inches:

Unfinished Painting

Unfinished Painting

My typical contract for such things is to charge 50% upfront, and collect the remainder when it’s finished. Since this client was a friend, I offered a refund minus the cost of materials, but she refused to accept that. Still, it’s a sad affair. I’m not certain if I’ll finish it now, or anytime soon.



  1. What a loss! It’s such a beautiful painting. I imagine the client either lost her relationship or her job. I hope you finish it. I can’t imagine it not attracting a buyer.

  2. Thank you. They were both suddenly hit with some unfortunate financial problems, so I’m forced to set it aside for awhile.

    Paintings like this of specific people tend to be less appealing for someone else to buy. They might appreciate it, but not so much as a thing to own. Since I tend to place specific characters in all my work, it’s something I’ve often dealt with.

  3. I thought about that but somehow it’s different, I think because the mood and place bring memories and feelings up.

  4. too bad your friend cancelled the contract, perhaps you should finish it anyway; there will be moment in the future your friend will buy it!

    My wife and her painting friends like to use Casein paints for decoration of furniture and small wooden pieces.
    do you happen to know a supplier of Casein based paint?
    we live in France

    best regards,

  5. Thanks Cor. I’m not familiar with suppliers in France, but there’s a company in Italy, called Zecchi, you might try.

  6. Finish the painting. You’ve had enough distance from the sad and I see art like this all the time. It offers up a story, and for the viewer it’s always the one they’ve lived! It will sell.

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