Ink Drawing: Running the Garden Path

December 31, 2008

I’ve started a new ink drawing. This is based on a couple different photos of mine that I’ve combined togther. It will be a man jogging on a garden path through an arch of tree branches. I was originally planning to to this as a painting, but thought all the green would be too monotonous, so I decided to make it as a large drawing. I knew all the tree leaves would be daunting to say the least, but was up for the challenge.

Full Sheet

Full Sheet

It’s going to be hard to properly display it in small digital files, but hopefully you can see it clear enough in the closeups. There’s about a day’s worth of drawing in this so far.

Closeup 1

Closeup 1

Closeup 2

Closeup 2

I’m using Pelican Drawing Ink A again, and this time adding the wash as I go to get a consistent idea of values. The drawing displayed here is roughly 14 x 7″ at this point. The second closeup is about 5 inches square. I’m using a light table to help me spot the main shapes, especially where the circles of light break through the leaves, but I’m not trying to be too precise.

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