Wedding Reception Ink Drawing

September 20, 2008
Pen and Ink Drawing

Pen and Ink Drawing

I’ve made many paintings based on drawings, but I can’t remember the last time I made a drawing from a painting. Here’s one example. It’s from a painting I made a year ago called “Wedding Reception in Malibu.” I used the same contour line drawing that I made the painting from, so both artworks are the same size, roughly 16 x 16″. The drawing surface is a sheet of Multimedia Artboard, which is nicely smooth and stiff. Using a lightbox, I could see through the Artboard to the contour drawing beneath, which made the inking process easier.

Some thoughts on drawing in general:

  • If you have a problem getting a straight line, slow down.
  • Practice your line shading on a scrap piece of paper as a warmup exercise.
  • Keep a relaxed grip on the pen. When making thicker lines, don’t squeeze, just push down.
  • Perfectly clean straight lines are overrated. Just concentrate on values and line thickness.
  • Thick outlines can help separate objects spatially.

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